More options more potential

Fulfilling your desire for a unique yachting experience, is the core of our excellence at Chania Yachting. While our on-site extras are there for you whenever you might need them, make sure to contact us at least 3 days in advance to reserve any of our unique options.

Gourmet Greek Lunch
Organic, Creative & Delicious. We focus on the best of what is local, keeping our menu fresh and exciting. Complete your day aboard with our amazing lunch of grilled seafood or meat accompanied by an array of interesting local appetizers and salads. Contact us for our seasonal menus.
Event planning
Making a moment memorable for a lifetime. The elegant space of our luxury yacht and the unmatched beauty of the Greek seas promises the perfect frame for your unique moment. We arrange exclusive events such as wedding proposals, honeymoons, intimate weddings, bachelor or hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries, romantic getaways, or surprise parties. Our team takes pride in our authentic hospitality and promises discreetly luxurious and uniquely personalized events. Contact us to plan your special moment.
Scuba Diving
Above and below, Crete is an island of breathtaking natural beauty. Our experienced dive team will guide you through our local waters. We provide everything from equipment, tanks, and guides and arrange SSI discovery dives for newbies. From submerged turquoise sand bars to rock gardens swarming with fish, from sea turtles to dolphins, Crete offers a seascape of unforgettable vivacity. Contact us for our special dive sites.
VIP transfers
We are more than happy to arrange any transportation you might need in order to reach our port of departure. Working exclusively with reliable and high quality companies, we ensure the best of services for a carefree vacation. Contact us to reserve a VIP transfer.
Spending the night onboard is nothing short of magical. Chania Yachting offers a unique combination of luxury and freedom where you can enjoy the pristine wilderness of far off beaches with all the comfort of a boutique hotel. Experience a star filled night of complete excellence. Contact us for our exclusive routes and itineraries.


Cocktails and Wine selection
Maintaining the high quality of your experience relies on the details. Enjoy tasty cocktails and an extensive wine selection on any of our tours or charters. Wine list Cocktail menu
Snorkeling with a SSI dive instructor
Crete boasts unrivaled coastal beauty with some of the most breathtaking bays and beaches in the world. Enjoy the opportunity to have an exclusive guide through this underwater paradise and discover elusive seals and migrating whales.
Water sports

Complete your nautical experience with a wide variety of water sports that satisfy even the most demanding customers. Jet skis, wake boarding, sofa rides, paddle boards are just some of the available activities.

Professional Photo shooting
Take your social media to the next level with this exciting photo shoot. Grab your follower’s attention with exhilarating content, new photographic angles and mind-blowing back drops. Only professional equipment can provide that high resolution, perfect exposure shot that everyone is looking for.
Drone footage
Capture the adventure and luxury as it happens. Sometimes a traditional photo just can’t capture the full scope of what it feels like to be out there on a private yacht. Drone videos and photos add a sense of place that nothing else really can.
Underwater footage
From ice blue waters of white sand to the deep blue of rocky drop offs, you simply can’t imagine all the shades of blue of the Greek sea. Keep these unforgettable memories alive with videos and photos from below the waves that capture the true essence of traveling in Greece