The Seaside Gems of Chania

The names of Balos and Gramvousa resonate with everyone when hearing the words “beaches of Chania”. However, these are only two of the many wonderful sites on the west side of Crete one shouldn’t miss. The Chania coast boasts a special charm and some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterreanean: from the rich […]

In the Nets of Wonder: The Ancient Diktynna at Menies Beach

The typical traveler probably has a postcard image of Chania in their mind. It’s a scene filled with the Venetian style buildings perched on the Old Harbour waterfront, the Lighthouse, and romantic dimly lit restaurants overlooking the Cretan Sea. And it’s all very true, but that’s also the honeymooner tourist-favorite version of this intimate, gorgeous […]

Gramvoussa: Visiting the Dreamy

From promontories overlooking the sea and mountain ridges dominating valleys, the intriguing ruins of the Venetian castles in Chania immerse in the rugged Cretan landscape. Each monument has its own mysterious legend, its own controversial and compelling tales, many coming down to us almost intact but their allure derives from the history and the human […]

Balos Lagoon: Experience the Extraordinary

If Chania is home to countless stunning landscapes and breahtaking locations that can’t go undiscovered, then the Balos lagoon stands out among them as the quintessence of picturesque scenery, an exclusive destination to explore from water. Located in the northwestern side of the Chania Prefecture, what sets Balos apart is the narrow sandy isthmus connecting […]