Where to Dine in Chania: Chania Yachting’s Choices

Though Chania has always been a favourite among Greeks, it still glides gently under the radar for by-the-book island hoppers. Situated on the island of Crete, away from the advertized Ionian and Cycladic gems, Chania is a place of pebbled coves, crystalline water, untamed mountains, and dotted picturesque villages. A site where you could unfurl, unplug and dissappear for a while.


Soundtracked by the gentle putter of wooden fishing boats, the joyous old Venetian Harbour of Chania is pulled straight from a postcard, suspending visitors between two blue ethers – the sparkling Cretan sea and an endless sky.  A painterly confection of cafés, monuments, and restaurants fading into the White Mountains, the Venetian Harbour is the perfect place to spent your summer days. Stroll between its maze-like cobbled streets of the Old City and discover its secrets.


However, as soon as the afternoon comes and your breakfast doesn’t see you through any more, it is time to start looking for those places to eat. Enjoy the scents, the aromas, and the flavors of the Cretan gastronomy. The Cretan cuisine is perfectly simplistic varying from  traditional meze plates to gourmet dishes with a fresh modern touch upon timeless recipes. Below you may find Chania Yachting’s tips for some exceptional places where Cretan gastronomy reaches its peak.



Salis is a restaurant on the waterfront of the Venetian harbour that masterfully strikes a delicate balance between a strong sense of place and a trendy vibe. Ashin Molavi, a former sommelier who is now the restaurant’s chef, has succeeded in recreating classic Greek dishes offering an amazing seasonal menu that is based on locally sourced ingredients Which are mostly grown by the owners themselves.

Salis’ exceptional wine list includes more than 1100 labels, therefore it is not surprising that this unique sanctuary has been repeatedly awarded by Wine Spectator and the World of Fine Wine – so do not hesitate to invite yourselves into slow drinking alongside the delicious sharing plates you will find on the menu.

When you visit the restaurant, do not forget to ask about the astonishing story of the person the restaurant was named after, Salis, a modern Saint who lived and died in Chania in the previous century.




Pallas is café/bar/restaurant where your can litteraly spend a entire day without ever noticing how time flew over you. Located at the hippest spot of the Old Harbour, Pallas restaurant is found at the rooftop terrace, Thealassa, a word play that combines Thea (the greek word for ‘view’) and Thalassa (‘sea’ in Greek). The choice of the name is not arbitrary since Pallas turns the sea view into its dining room and at the sunset time there is not an empty chair in sight.

The international cuisine will never disappoint you and neither will the interestingly rich selection of wines. After your dinner, you will have the chance to enjoy a splendid coctail at the posh  and stylish bar of the ground floor that will leave you enchanted with its refined atmoshere.




One of the most beautiful and elegant restaurants you can visit in the Old Harbour is undoubtedly Kariatis. Located behind the Megalo Arsenali, this eatery offers a refined combination of Italian and Cretan cuisine with innovative twists that will manage to satisfy even the most difficult palade.

Gourmet oriented, Kariatis boasts excellent reputation resonating its top quality food and service for more than 30 years. Browse the fine menu and then scroll down the list of distinctive wines treasured in the cellar to achieve the perfect pairing before finishing your dinner with one of Kariatis’ delicious desserts.




A food experience designed to give you a delightful insight into the Cretan gastronomy is Tamam’s signature commitment. Embracing the culinary footprint Arabs, Venetians, and Ottomans left on Chania, Tamam’s cuisine is an emblematic tribute to East Meditarranean food culture by being contemporary in its timelessness.

Situated in a building dating back to the Venetian era, thence used as a Hamam (‘steam bath’) during the Ottoman period, Tamam is a humble classic in the Chania Old Town.

Everything served here is organic, with familiar ingredients, providing surprisingly sophisticated flavors that will turn your visit into an unforgettable gastronomic memory. Emphasis is also put on Greek wines, especially Cretan ones, which ideally combine with the locally insprired food delicacies, therefore do not hesitate to consult the attentive staff for the ideal pairing.


Thalassino Ageri

Even if in Chania pleasure and leisure abound, few experiences encapsulate “La Dolce Vita” like dining at Thalassino Ageri (“Sea breeze” in Greek). Sited at Tabakaria, at the quarter of Chalepa, this eatery offers fine dining in a scenery of old industrial buildings with a majestic backdrop  of calm sea.

Chairs and tables sprawl out onto the waterfront rocks making the atmosphere even more cinematic and relaxing for you to enjoy the eatery’s menu which is exclusively based on fresh fish. Therefore, do consult the staff about the day’s specials before you order and then dip into the in-the-moment vibe.



Well of the Turk

In the neighborhood of Splantzia, at the old Turkish quarter, this Middle Eastern eatery is one of the most famous and oldest of Chania. Its beautiful maze-like interiors, the quiet (even in August!) courtyard, and of course the dishes inspired from Crete, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon definitely ranks it among the city’s finest.

Here the dishes have a real Eastern Meditarrenean character and an undeniable local style sourced by ingredients such as the the virgin olive oil, local herbs, and local meat found in recipes originating back to the 17th and 18th century cuisine.

The warm atmosphere of the of Turk’s Well infused by the new enthusiastic owner, Elina Manousaridou, and the historical ambient of the setting will mesmerize your senses during this wonderful and exciting dining experience.



Mirai Sushi

Even if you are in the southernmost region of Europe, this does not necessarily mean that you should be stripped from your Asian culinary preferences. Mirai Sushi is a Japanese fusion restaurant located in Daliani street offering a unique experience both for the enthusiasts as well as those who start acquainting themselves with this cuisine.

With rolls centered around spicy tuna and salmon, exceptional wine, and famously friendly staff, Mirai Sushi is a place of good vibe atmosphere. If you are looking for a great alternate to the Cretan and Greek cuisine, then Mirai should top your list of choices.




Even if it is not a restaurant per se, an honorable mention to Iordanis’ Bougatsa is surely deserved. It is a must-visit place in a the center of the city where you can taste bougatsa, a handmade pastry cheese pie, prepared with a well-kept secret recipe. For locals and guests alike, “Iordanis’ Bougatsadiko” is a destination that nobody wants to miss when visiting Chania. And if you don’t  believe us, then let world-famous Gordon Ramsey explain you “why” in the following video shot at Iordanis’ in May, 2021.



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