Making Your “Special Events” Even More Special

Everyone is looking for ways to make their special occasion a little more special. And finding the perfect venue is the cornerstone to create an extraordinary event. After all, whether you are planning a wedding proposal or an anniversary, a birthday party or a corporate event, holiday resorts, villas, or fine resturants have in years become synonymous to a ‘standard’, a common choice.

But you are looking for something different, something exclusive; an incredible experience  that is entirely unlike any other special event you’ve attended before, one that you’ll remember with thrill and cherish for life. 

Above all, the great events are meant to offer privacy and exclusivity, a sense that what you are doing is somehow separate from the world, an experience outside real life… which is why chartering a motor yacht is the ultimate venue for your special occasion. It allows you to combine a highy quality gastronomy and decoration service with the benefits of the sea: an idyllic landscape, the sun or the sunset, the sea breeze, a truly lovely off-the-radar happening.

Here are only a few event ideas that are perfect to host on a motoryacht:


A Wedding Proposal on Blue Sea

A wedding proposal used to just mean getting down on one knee in the living room or a romantic walk followed by popping “the question”, or perhaps a ring in a champagne glass. But for those who want to ensure that this first big step is a story for ages, it may be time to consider the proposal on a yacht.

A bit far from the main sights, out in the sea or in a secluded cove, the picturesque location will set the tone for the beginning of a new future, where the incredible views of yacht, sky, and sea  will make for the truly breathtaking “Yes!”

Think also of the proposal as one part of a monumental day. The rest of the afternoon or evening should be accounted for – even if that means a quiet night swim in turquoise waters, music spilling over the deck with friends dancing as the night wears on, or a lavish catered meal for the family – the post-proposal atmosphere on the boat will keep the exciting momentum going.


Enter the Honeymoon Heaven

Once the bouquet is tossed, the cake is cut, and the last glass of champagne is consumed, what better way to start married life than drifting through paradise on a yacht? Watching the land fading away or cruising along the coast, enter your own private bliss of swimming in crystal waters, strolling on hidden coral beaches, or dining by candlelight.

Every morning waking to a new view, every night relaxing under the stars with a glass of wine,  cruising on a beautiful yacht is the perfect getaway if you seek for “barefoot luxury”.

Most importantly, you have full control over what you do, eat, and see. If you crave for adventure or you merely want to relax, the captain and the crew will always be on your hand and foot, but also give you the desired privacy to laugh, play, and plan your lives together..


A Milestone Anniversary

Regardless of how many years you’ve reached with your spouse, it is a gift in and of itself. And an anniversary trip on a motor yacht presents the perfect opportunity to energize any committed relationship and mark your time together.

Whether you are looking for a different, pleasant and relaxed time away from the cares of the normal life, or you wish to infuse your relationship with excitement and surprise, the offer of activities put at your disposal on a yacht is so wide that you’ll be surprised: from spending happy afternoons in traditional fisherman ports or tasting a magnificent dinner with the best view of a sunset, to dipping in the pristine waters at the nightfall and having luxury pincnics in a white sanded beach, it is hard to beat a yachting holiday.    

Without doubt, reconnecting and making new memories on a cruise with your partner is the best way to renew your vows.


A (Bachelor/ette) Party to Remember

Whether it’s your sweet 16, the big 30, the milestone 60th birthday or it’s time to say farewell to your single life, a yacht makes a splendid venue for a celebration. It will cerainly be an unforgettable experience, as people you love gather onboard and enjoy their coctail or a  barbecue on the sundeck surrounded by stunning landscapes and the sound of waves.

You only need to choose the route, the music, the decoration, and the food served depending on the plan and the time of the day.

The crew will work closely with the host ensuring they cover all aspects to make the fest a memorable one so that your guests enjoy the occasion.



Meetings, PR gatherings or other corporate functions are never excluded from boat activities – quite the contrary. The experience of being in the sea creates an informal but exclusive environment for potential collaborations and deals.

You can also bring partners and colleagues onboard for a business event that is simultaneously warm, friendly, and exciting. Not only will it be enjoyable for every attendee, but you’ll most probably find out that by escaping the urban hustle to a toned-down natural environment, everyone is more present and interested in the discussions and information presented .

Luring your fellow colleagues with a flair of sea adventure, eliminates any kind of cynicism  and negative interactions, creating instead harmony and positive influence, building team dynamics and bonding people meaningfully.

Chania and Chania Yachting        


At Chania Yachting we embrace your unique moments, we connect with your needs and preferences, and we are willing to go the extra mile to make you feel awed.

Here are five simple reasons why you should entrust Chania Yachting with your special occasion:


  1. Luxury and Comfort


Staggeringly gorgeous, our Princess 55 is the perfect venue for any event.

Not only does she offer the most splendid setting for celebrating a special happening,

but she also allows you to plot the short or long itineraries of your choice


2. Superb Crew


Ensuring every detail is perfect, the crew of Chania Yachting is at your disposal.

Starting from the meticulous organization to the decoration, the bar offerings, and the culinary wishes,

we care for all the details that will complement the charm of your event


3. Our Media Team


Our media team will capture all the best instantanés of the organized event.

The drone and underwater captions, the photography and video snapshots will inspire wonder and make your event memorable  


4. Chania is Wildly out of the Ordinary


The Chania waters offer up an incredible opportunity to experience

the unbelievebale vistas of Western Crete, a yachting heaven in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

and an idyllic backdrop which is nothing less than spectacular


5. An Affordable Luxury


Chartering a luxury yacht will cost you, but not as much as you might think.

Geti in touch with us and perhaps you get pleasantly surprised

at just how affordable it can be 


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