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Why stroll in the sweltering mid-summer heat of Chania city, when you can follow the breeze and make the sea your base? Even for just one day! Those who have cruised with Chania Yachting, know that no other vacation experience can touch the freedom, the relaxation, and the excitement of our floating resort. Not only will you get to discover some of the most incredible corners of Western Crete, but you’ll do so in unrivaled style and comfort.

Cruising with Chania Yachting means you have the freedom to dictate almost everything that has to do with your journey: where and when you will start, where you want to go, and what you’ll do once you reach your destination. We offer you the opportunity to explore where the spirit moves. Cast off with confidence that your freedom of options is limitiless and you have the flexibility to change your plans at will. Did something catch your attention? Let’s get a closer look! Did you fall in love with an exquisite cove? Why not stop for a swim! Because this is exactly the beauty of a yacht charter vacation.

The captain and the crew are there to co-design with you the itinerary and implement your personal dream vacation onboard. The crew members of Chania Yachting are dedicated to offer what we call “customer delight”. To us impeccable services means more than smiling and being friendly. It means anticipating your needs and fulfilling them before you ask; it means that the ideal secluded cove is reached in time for sundowners; that the perfect table at that picture- postcard backdrop is ready and waiting for you when you come out from the sea; it means making you feel as if everything is aligned ‘just right’…

…except that stars don’t do that, we do! Because we are prepared to go great lengths to ensure that your vacation time onboard will be the most memorable part of your holidays.


With Chania Yachting, you book the entire yacht for you, your loved ones, your friends. Privacy, discretion and confidentiality are not just hollow words for us, they are essential aspects of our philosophy. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or just want to hit the water with a bunch of close friends, we are here to cater to you. We are proactive in adapting to the style of crew interaction you prefer. Do you want a crew that fills the deck with energy, laughter, and hands-on engagement or a crew that is more in the background offering discreet service? Casual or formal, the choice is yours.

Everything about your yachting venture is tailored to your preferences. It is only when you have nothing to worry about, that you can lie back, enjoy, and indulge. Our dedicated team of professionals both onboard and on-shore can cover diverse types of charters. Parents are consistently stunned by their children’s transformation onboard, when our enthusiastic crew organizes water activities from a ‘dive bomb’ competition to the preparation of the SUPs, the snorkeling gear, or the sunflloats. We acknowledge how valuable your bonding time with your loved ones is and we’ll make sure that it won’t have to wait for the next time.

Our aim is to satisfy all your specific needs. Our attention detail for religious needs, has brought us a close following in various communities. Kosher cuisine is no exception. We also cater to lesbians, gays, transexuals, transgenders, and bisexual individuals who wish for nothing more than cruising along the incredible seashore of Western Crete. The most important part of our yacht charters is that guests and crew are comfortable with each other and savor yachting together. And we know that we can make it happen because we do not compromise on happiness and choice…and neither should you.

Our clients are special to us and so are the milestone events of their lives. Whether you celebrate your sweet 16th birthday, a unique anniversary, a family reunion, a wedding proposal or a pre- wedding get-together party, our event team is here to assist you personalize the occasion so that it meets your specific needs. All you need to do is outline your personal blueprint and we will take care of the rest. You can count on our ideas and their execution for this special day that you’ll remember for the years to come.

Our culinary team is also there to suit yours and your guest’s tastes. Whether it is just a plateau with meze or a straight up hand cut steak, an exotic coctail or shot of raki, every dish and drink you’ll enjoy during a cruise with Chania Yachting will be an unforgettable experience. Our priority is to introduce you to the local Cretan cuisine specialities, its scents, aromas and tastes. However, if the delight of your palate is looking for a cuisine of different geographical origin, just brief us on your preferences before embarkation so that we customize the meals in accordance with them.

Part of what makes Chania Yachting the organization it is, heavily relies on being located in Western Crete. In many ways the, landscapes and the people of Crete are alike: immense, intense, exhilarating, and awe-inspiring. Allow us to take you to new horizons ang give you access to places that few ever get to know: a journey along the amazing Rodopou peninsula with the coves of Chironisia and Menies, a visit to the exotic lagoon of Balos and the wild beauty of Gramvoussa, to motor around the Thodorou Natural Reseve and the iconic Lazaretta, to introducing you to the historical ruins of the Venetian and Ottoman era and the myths each corner has to share. It’s about feeling free, having new choices whenever you want and sharing extraordinary times with the people you care about.

We know that in Western Crete there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other charter companies. What makes Chania Yachting different is our creative and enterpreneurial spirit, our deep commitment to service, and above all the passion for what we do. We would be delighted to introduce to the lure of motoring on a yacht in azure waters and encourage you to be carried away by the siren calls of Crete.

This is the end our chest puffing about ourselves: come onboard and decide for yourselves!


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