The Elegance and Luxury of Chania

20 years ago, if you had to sum up Chania in a just a few words, you would refer to the city’s scenic Venetian port with the Egyptian Lighthouse or the opportunity to hike in Samaria gorge. Today, however, alternative activities, diverse destinations, and innovative initiatives fill the Chania hospitality’s mosaic, and highlight the unexplored wealth of this western part of Crete.

There has never been a better time to visit Chania than now. A plethora of five-star ventures that promise the upmost comfort and luxury and an authentic travel experience has brought Chania to the fore as a uniquely attractive destination awaiting for visitors 365 days a yCrete

Read Chania Yachting’s picks so that you see, experience, and savor the best in the westernmost side of Crete

The Wine Scene of Chania

With more than 3,000 years of tradition, the viniculture of Chania continues thriving and prospering. A new generation of wine makers has taken over from the elders enriching the local production of Cretan wine with new grape varieties and innovative techniques.

The Manousakis winery in Vatolakos, only a few kilometers outside the city of Chania, is the most representative example. Next to the well-known “romeiko”, the winery selected and focused on French varieties like Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Roussanne which were ideally acclimatized and cultivated in the region’s microclimate. The result was outstanding, bringing another dimension to the Cretan wine production. The winery would be happy to welcome you at its premises, offer you an inside look at the winemaking process from vine to wine and, at its amazing terrace, introduce you to its labels that make Manousakis winery an ideal ambassador of contemporary Cretan wine.

A Diving Heaven

If you are an adventurous type of person, we suggest that you wear your diving suit and embark on a journey to the underwater world of Chania. Whether beginner or experienced diver, there are more than 30 dive sites in the region of Chania ranging from shallow waters to canyons, walls, caverns, caves, shipwrecks, airplane wrecks and many more. Certainly one of the most impressive dive sites is the ‘Elephant Cave’ in Akrotiri. Find yourself among stalactites and elephant fossils, and be surprised by the complex of caverns known as ‘Theater’ in Kalathas. The different chambers and tunnels boast a rich marine life creating a spectacular site for underwater photography, speleology, and training.   


Timeless Luxury of Beach Clubs

With beautiful people, marvelous views, and a sense of lightness in the air, the beach clubs of Chania are places where the allure of the summer is met at its most vivid. Socializing, sunbathing on floating sun beds while enjoying special cocktails and listening to lounge music are the foundation of dolce vita. The choices are countless, all of them promising to provide the necessary hedonistic kick that will boost your vacation to a whole a new level of aw and glamour. So, if meeting new people in a relaxed environment is your cup of tea, then we strongly suggest that you visit ‘Neromylos’ in Platanias and ‘Red Havana’ in Agia Marina. Both are worthy of all their buzz and definitely are the clubs you want to let yourself soak into.

Chania from the Sea

There are dozens stunning coves in Chania’s waterfront which you should not miss if taking a dip in crystal waters is among your top summer priorities. And if you are looking for a little slice of luxury, then booking a private cruise allows you to enjoy it in your own terms, customizing everything to your needs and preferences. In Chania Yachting we understand your desire to unwind, relax, and nurture your mind, body, and soul. With superb staff ensuring every last detail is perfect, location backdrops that inspire wonder, and exceptional cuisine, an exclusive cruise with Chania Yachting will give you the sense of a day almost outside real life.


Take a Spa Break in Chania

Sometimes the only way to truly relax is to wind your way down to a luxurious spa hotel and surrender to a body and soul treatment. In the heart of the old Venetian Harbour which is famed for its idyllic cobblestone streets, bougainvillea bursting from balconies, and crumbling architectural treasures you may find, some of the best known spa hotels of Chania. Though a huge selection awaits you, the jewel of the Old City remains Casa Delfino. Overlooking the port from its rooftop terrace, with opulent and cozy rooms,  and the warmest service this boutique hotel gem tempts you to stay in for the entire vacation. The spa amenities include a steam room, a sauna, and a jacuzzi that will take away any stress that might have followed you from hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Next to them the organic skincare and massage treatments incorporating essential oils and ingredients inspired by the Cretan land make Casa Delfino’s spa and stay, an enticing proposition for an ultimate escape.

Go Shopping in Chania

Shopping during holidays is an art form, where an eye for distinctive products separates the connoisseurs from the window shopper. It’s not always about finding the best deals – though this is important too- but more a dreamy indulgence, one to be carried back and savored. All the magnificent products of the Cretan land like extra virgin olive oil, olive soaps, natural cosmetic products, and essential oils can be all found in the Public Market of Chania, a historical building in the center of the city founded in 1913 which is currently under restoration. Souvenirs handy objects, and stylish gifts with a fresh view, inspired by the city can be purchased at the Canea Gift Shop reputed for its quality-price ratio. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Macheradika quarter in the old port, where you can witness the art of knife manufacturers and the secrets of the traditional Cretan knife starting from the bones and finish of the handle, to the heat treatment of the blade in the furnace , the blade’s curve and the silver knife case. Last but not least, pay a visit to the Stivanadika (after ‘stivania’, i.e. the tall Cretan boots) which is the leather goods market of the city of Chania, where you can find good quality bargains  like purses, bags, or leather sandals.

Fine sand framing a green blue sea, towering cliffs, and shimmering clear waters consitute an unparalleled scenery. What makes it unique, though, is the cold fresh water that seeps between the pebbles and flows into the sea lowering thus the temperature of the sea water.
The few tamarisk trees on the beach generously offer their shade to the visitors and a small over-the-water canteen can provide them with food and refreshing cold drinks.
Tucked away from crowds, in this remote corner of Chania you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and detox yourself from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

and So Many More…

And still there is so much more to do in Chania, a city that literally has something for everybody. We know that this sounds like a cliche, but where else could you take long hikes through wild and untamed mountains like those around White Mountainson and also fly on a paraglide like in Falassarna and then admire the sunset at the Gramvoussa Cape, or bungee jump from Aradena bridge, the second taller in Europe (138m)? Even though Chania is thought of as a summer vacation destination, you can wear your skis, your helmet, and your glasses and descend Psiloritis’ snow covered slopes, only 100km away from Chania, enjoying an experience that the New York Times characterized as the “The best spring skiing anywhere”. And if history and archaeology is your main interest, you could participate in an excavation simulation of a Minoan House in Kissamos, as part of Archaeolab, an archaeology and art workshop organized there…


Overall, our suggestion is this: Visit Chania and let yourselves be allured and spoiled by the elegance and luxury of the city’s authenticity.

For many years the beach remained hidden from both locals and tourists. Recently, however, it has become a ,major attraction site for its wild, untamed beauty. For this reason, at weekends and during the high season it can get really crowded and busy despite the lack of (even basic) amenities like toilets or trash cans.
Unlike other beaches of the Chania area, the water here is cold and invigorating. It also deepens abruptly which perfect for diving, cliff jumping, and swimming.
Notably, the tinkling sound coming from bells around the necks of goats will echo in your ears during your stay. They usually wander around the canyon cliffs but often enough you will see them also on the beach leaving their footprints on the sand.
Seitan Limania is an unforgettable scenery for beach lovers, so take time to discover this breathtaking seaside and become inspired by its wild beauty.


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