Balos Lagoon: Experience the Extraordinary

If Chania is home to countless stunning landscapes and breahtaking locations that can’t go undiscovered, then the Balos lagoon stands out among them as the quintessence of picturesque scenery, an exclusive destination to explore from water.

Located in the northwestern side of the Chania Prefecture, what sets Balos apart is the narrow sandy isthmus connecting mainland Crete to the smaller cape Tigani and dividing the area into a shallow lagoon on the south side and a relatively sheltered bay on the north.

Besides being an “Instagram-attraction” beach, the gorgeous scenery of Balos leaves everyone echanted by the blend of tropical white-pinkish sand, bright shades of turquoise sea water, and the wilderness vibe of the untamed mountainous terrain.

Notably, the wider area of Balos hosts indigenous flora and fauna; it is for this reason that the beach is protected under the Natura 2000 program. Eleonora falcons, shags, and cormorants nest in the surrounding caves, while the beach is also home to the mediterrenean loggerhead sea turtle “caretta caretta” and the mediterrenean monk seal “monahus monahus”.

Boasting a picture-perfect coastline, it is little wonder that the Balos proves a big draw for travellers from all around the world. The visitors are richly rewarded not only by the natural beauty of the lagoon but also by the undewater exploration the site offers. The exceptionally clear water is warm and inviting over the summer period, creating the perfect conditions for a day of relaxation.

The downside of this magical desitination, however, is that by being so popular, one can expect there to be large crowds arriving either by car or by boat. In the former case, one reaches the area after a slow drive over an unpaved road followed by one and a half hour hike under the hot sun; in the latter, dozens of visitors embark in the Kissamos Port only to spend a couple of hours at the site of Balos.

After 12:30 the lagoon is litteraly stormed by guests.

So if you are looking forwrard to ecaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a modern metropolis, it is highly recommended visiting during off-hours (especially in the summer) for a completely different experience.

Chartering a private boat presents the ideal option to discover Balos’ charm making it all the more worthwhile. With a chartered boat, you get to enjoy a sense of freedom and flexibility on timing and exploration that is unlike anything you will experience on a cruise boat.

Here, your time is your own. There is no rush and you are not at the beck and call of a specific itinerary – it’s your boat… your schedule… your vacation!

Anchoring by the sheltered lagoon you’ll soak up to a day of fun and sun in the sea swimming, paddleboarding, and snorkeling; then rest back onboard on the sun loungers, taste some of the best trasditional meze and savour a glass of exeptional local wine.

When onboard and out in the sea with just a handful of close friends or family, it can be an amazing bonding experience. You’ll get to spend true quality time with one another and share memorable moments that you can treasure for the years to come.

At Chania Yachting, we offer you a unique opportunity to take control of your own destiny whilst on holiday.

We embrace your holiday vision and expectations by:

  1. Speed and Comfort

Elegant, spacious, and powerful, our Princess 55 is the yacht of our choice.
Not only is she our gorgeous stage, she allows us to to plot the flexible and far-reaching itineraries that are so essential for you

  1. Safety First

Apart from the standard Safety Regulations we commit to, we have a newfound understanding of safety when it comes to chartering during the pandemia

  1. Expert Local Knowledge

Our team knows their whereabouts.
They will let you know about sites worth visiting and walk you through a heaven of possibilities and options

  1. Tailored Options

By understanding your needs and offering tailored tips and suggestions, we will make your private cruise a memorable experience

  1. Leisure Combined with Luxury

We take pride in taking the extra step: our unwavering standard of excellence is only the beginning, as it is our passion that connects us to you

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