Fabulous Tours from Chania

Live your summer myth in Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa island on a luxury motor yacht!
Escape the crowds and explore the virgin side of Crete!
All the shades of blue in the waters below you!
Go on a sea safari around the famous nature reserve island of Theodorou!
Watch the beautiful Greek sunset from our luxury yacht!
Design your private dream cruise to the Aegean islands or South Crete!

Our Yacht

If you are looking for a sleek, eye catching motor yacht for a memorable experience, then we have just the thing!

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Why Choose Us

High Quality and Personalised Services

Chania Yachting puts its standards high and everyone in our team is focused on you. We listen to your wishes, ideas, and requirements, and together we plan the ultimate travel experience for you while offering a wide variety of services.

Experienced and Qualified Crew

Everyone in Chania Yachting holds all the relevant certificates and she/he is well-experienced, therefore qualified to offer you the best of services. Our core team works all year round, and we constantly invest in our training.

High Safety and Security Standards

Chania Yachting abides by the strictest and highest international standards of safety and security. Being the owners of the Yacht, we personally take care of all the issues that may occur, while our team is occupied with the yacht’s maintenance all year round.

24/7 Services

Our 24/7 Reservation Team handles on-the-go requests and are the best people to share your thoughts in order to plan your perfect cruise. Due to our extensive experience, we will provide you with the optimal proposals at the best rates in the shortest time.